Fundraising is a major focus of the PAC without which many Bramblewood initiatives would go unsupported.  Our fundraising events are held throughout the school year and each year is different based on the availability of our volunteers and the needs of the school.  In the last two years the PAC funded the following:


  • Buses/Field trips
  • Teacher’s classroom supplies
  • Performing artists
  • School based funding – Technology (iPads, document cameras, etc), gym equipment, library books, etc
  • Division bases funding – Non-consumable items, i.e laptop computers LCD projectors, white boards, play centers, classroom microphones, etc)
  • Dancing through the ages lessons/performance
  • Treat day!

Our main fundraisers for the 2015/16 school year are:

Family Photo Night: This event is a great gift giving opportunity! In early fall, Photo Express sets up a photo shoot at the school and families can sign up to get their family portraits done at a very good price.  A portion of each sitting fee is returned to the PAC for fundraising!

Movie Night: Movie Night at Bramblewood takes place twice a year and kids and their parents can come join the fun and watch a great movie!  There are great door prizes to be won, delicious food and goodies from the concession and a great reason to spend time with friends from school!

Holiday Market: This festive shopping event takes place in early December and is a favorite among the kids as they get to shop independently for inexpensive holiday gifts for friends and family. Even better is the fact that it is a great opportunity to donate and de-clutter your house!

Martial Arts at Lunch: Personal Best Martial Arts will be running an “Introduction to Martial Arts” program at Bramblewood School.  This opportunity is being offered by the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) at the cost of $25 per child for 5 half hour sessions at noon hour.

Popcorn Days: One Friday each month is Popcorn Day! Bring $2.00 and you can get a bag of popcorn AND a nice, cold lemonade! Don’t miss out on this yummy fundraising treat! This program runs throughout the school year.


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